Fixed Asset Management System

Features Summary: (Fixed Asset)

  • Asset Information
  • Purchasing Interface
  • Inventory Editing and Posting
  • Purge Retired Assets
  • Transaction History
  • Year End Processing
  • Reporting


Functions Summary (FA)

  • Record the asset’s cost information, as required by your procurement system and fixed asset management system
  • Track depreciation on fixed assets
  • Purchase price & current valuation;
  • Lease & rental information;
  • Supplier and maintenance provider;
  • Record the asset’s physical information, e.g. Model, serial number, specs, manufacturer
  • Record and update the people who have custody of the asset at any point of time
  • Provide the information any time on where this asset is located physically and organizationally
  • Provide customized reports as defined by users
  • Provide an exhaustive list of asset disposal options, including reuse and redeployment, resell, and recycle
  • Connect with network auto discovery tools to constantly reconcile with asset inventory database


Key Benefits (FA)

  • Improved inventory control;
  • Improved asset management & financial planning;
  • Improved audit procedures & accurate audit trail;
  • Improved purchasing information;
  • Improved equipment planning & replacement management;
  • Improved maintenance & warranty information;
  • Reduced labour& administration costs;
  • Reduced insurance & disaster recovery costs;
  • Optimum asset utilization.


Technical Benefits

  • World Top Database
  • Top security
  • High volume of Data
  • Best performance
  • 0% Data loss Technology
  • Virus Free OS
  • Fully customized
  • Admin managed software security
  • On Demand Report
  • Easy Manage DB and Backup –Recover-Restore


Tools and Technology:

    • Front End: Oracle Forms Developer 10gR2
    • Back End (Database): Oracle Database 10gR2 / 11gR2
    • Middle Tier: Oracle Application Server 10g
    • Reporting Tools: Oracle Report Builder 10g
    • Support tools: Team viewer, Putty, VNC
    • Report Format: PDF
    • Operating System : (server): RedHat Linux 5 +
    • Operating System : ( Client/ User): Windows xp/ win7
    • Server(DB): Standard Server Based on 16GB RAM
    • Server(APPS): Standard Server Based on 16GB RAM
    • Client PC: Standard 2GB Ram , Dual core+
    • Others Tools: Standard LAN
    • 2G / 3G Internet